Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We did not get the news we were hoping for... 

Dr. Lin said that the CEA count has remained pretty much the same. And, he thinks that it's because the cancer and the drugs are fighting and it's kind of like a tie right now. He believes that if we hold off on some of the chemo and just do the immune booster + a little bit of chemo that the immune system will start to gain the upper hand.

So, we'll start next Tuesday by getting Harv hooked up to a pump and beginning a few days of the GMCSF shots -- which we MAY be able to start doing at home (gasp!).  Dr. Lin believes that, if this particular protocol is gonna make a difference, we will be able to see within a month or so.

Neither of us feels particularly discouraged, but we were hoping for different news.

Dr. Lin and Harvey exchanged books -- which they each autographed for each other. :-) They had fun with that.

We are thankful for all the progress that has been made and are continuing to hope for even more.

Many blessings and many thanks for stickin' with us!


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