Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Thursday, Harv and I took off for a couple of nights in eastern Washington. It was so nice... We took Raney and she got lots of exercise 'cause we went on a few good hikes...She liked that, too. It was nice to get away from hospitals and medicine for a little while.

Today, we're back at SCCA so Harv can get hooked up to the pump for 5FU. There has been a mix-up in the orders getting signed and so we've been waiting for about 2 hours for things to start. (I don't like that.) There's a possibility that Harv might be able to get some or all of his shots in Bellingham. The pharmacist is working on getting that approved through insurance. Wouldn't it be fun if everything could/would get approved in time for Harv's first shot on Thursday?!! (Good thing to pray about.) I think having all of that approved and ready to go would be miraculous, but who knows?! Miracles DO happen.

Not much else to report from us... Harv's hangin' in there. Celeste is still enjoying her job and gearing up for a couple more classes at Whatcom. Sarah and Hannah are just pluggin' away at school. They get to go to a cross country meet in Missoula, Montana this weekend. They are pleased that I'm not going... (They love me, but they're okay with time away from me. Makes me so proud! J

As for our family as a whole: we are still adjusting to this whole little scenario...(Some people adjust better than (I) others do.) Please pray for me to love everyone the way they need it most and for me to rest and heal so that I can be effective at my job of wife, mother, dog-mother, cat-mother, household engineer, etc., etc... And, please pray that everyone in our family feels supported and appreciated... It's kind of amazing how cancer affects so many details in a family's life.  I love Harvey, Celeste, Sarah and Hannah (and Raney and Reba) A LOT!  Sometimes I struggle with all the stuff that's in my brain and my love is poorly demonstrated. BUT! Love them all, I do!

Your continued prayers for Harvey's healing are appreciated and encouraged J.   We would LOVE a little tiny break in trips to Seattle and a break in the medicine.

Thank you all for lovin' us.

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Emily Walsh said...

Hi Carrie! I just stopped by and was actually checking out a few of your posts. I had a quick question about your blog and was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance -emilywalsh688 (at) gmail.com- Thanks : )