Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, August 5th

Nothing to report about Harv... He's had more energy today than other days. No achy-ness. No fever. No nausea.

We have moved to our new home away from home...It's waaaaay out in Shoreline. :-) Very nice... 

We are very thankful for the people who have been so kind to us -- and there are quite a few.

And, btw, I decided to ride the 25 mile ride in Obliteride on Saturday. I feel a little bit whimpy about that, but I also feel like it's the right decision. I will aim to ride further next year. Just don't think I can make 50 miles happen this year. Fortunately, the distance I choose to ride doesn't affect where your donations will go. Still, the money goes to save lives...providing funds for research that can seriously make a difference. Bless you people who gave so generously!!! Thank you!

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