Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's been a long, full day, but not bad. 

It started with a chemo/pharmaceutical teach which was overwhelming and very "informationy".... We are currently waiting for the pump infusion people to show up and hook him up so we can go to our home away from home.

In the middle of Harv's infusion, I met my friend, Chris so he could give me the key to the place where we're staying. So thankful for the generosity of these people (friends of Chris and his wife, Dianne) who don't even know us!! 

Another prayer request is that I would quickly learn to get around Seattle without freakin' out. :-)  Need to be able to find my way around...and right now, it's all so mysterious and puzzle-y.

Thank you for praying. And, thank you for doing all the other wonderful things you do!

Day one is almost over...gettin' ready to move on forward with this thing!! 

Kickin' cancer's butt!!!

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