Monday, August 26, 2013

Chemo week

When you have chemo every-other week it's amazing how fast those weeks can go by... 

This Thursday will be the third in the three round series... We show up early Thursday morning for blood-work and chemo later in the afternoon.

Last time, there was SLIGHT improvement in CEA count, but not huge. We are hoping that this time there will be marked improvement in the numbers.... So, that after this round of chemo, Harv will be ready for liver surgery #2.

I am pooped. (And, I'm not even the patient!) I am so ready to have a break from trips to Seattle. (And, Harv's the one who has to go everyday!) I keep kickin' and screamin' for "normal" but it ain't happ'nin'!

Please pray for our family: 
* for Harv to sleep well and feel rested and for progress in making those liver tumors shrink.
* for Celeste to meet new friends and feel "at home" in her new role at work and continue to be happy with her job
* for Sarah and Hannah to have a good start to their JUNIOR (11th grade!!!) year in high school
* for me to be at peace and just as lovely and pleasant as I can be.  

We love you.

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