Tuesday, June 11, 2013


CT scan people were running late so we didn't get a complete report today (but it will come)... But Dr. Lin said that the liver indicators were good. And, it looks like the liver is regenerating nicely. CEA count wasn't available at the time of our appt., but from the pictures it appears that no new tumors are visible. (We don't REALLY know, but when we see the CEA count, it'll help us to know better.)

Dr. Lin said that if the CEA is the same or lower then we'd continue with the Xeloda for a little while longer. If it appears that the CEA count is getting higher, then he would recommend surgery very soon. And, he said that MAAAAAAAAAYBE it would be possible to do a reversal of the colostomy.... That, though, would have to be determined by the surgeon.

We hope to get a complete report soon and when we know more, we'll share more.

Tonight we are all tired from a very full day in Seattle. We now have our French "daughter," Julie, and are looking forward to getting to know her and showing her the wonderful world that is Bellingham.

Tomorrow my babies will be sixteen! Can't believe it. Very thankful for the blessing of those little baby girls. :-)

Thanks for your support. Thank you for your prayers. 

We love you.

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