Monday, June 10, 2013

CT Scan tomorrow

CT scan tomorrow. Praying that it shows a healthily growing liver and no new cancer. 

Harv's been having some upset stomach so we'll let Dr. Lin know and maybe he can adjust Harv's dosage.  He's been walking a fair bit and, for the most part, feeling okay. This time it seems like the Xeloda might be buggin' him differently. Maybe that's 'cause he's growing a liver and his liver is processing it differently. ???

ANYWAY. We are hoping for good news. 

In addition to a CT scan tomorrow, we get a French daughter/sister for a couple of weeks. She's a French exchange student who is 15 and will be hangin' out with us and learning English and the way of life in Bellingham and our house. We're excited! 

On Wednesday, Sarah and Hannah turn sixteen!!!!!!!! (How the heck did THAT happen?!) 

Sarah Elizabeth Chute
Hannah Grace Chute 

So! This is a busy time in our house.

We are praying for a safe, uneventful and efficient trip down to Seattle. (We have to go by way of the bridge that collapsed so we'll be re-routed...don't want delays on the way). We are praying for good news at the doctor's office. And, we are praying for a really fun, happy two weeks with our temporary family member, Julie.

Thanks for tuning in. 
Many blessings. 
Love you.

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