Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tuesday Harv and I go to see Dr. Lin. Harv will get blood work done and we'll meet with Dr. Lin to see what he thinks the plan should be. 

While we are hoping to start chemo soon, we are not necessarily lookin' forward to it. We're not sure what Dr. Lin will recommend but Dr. Park believes we need to really blast some chemo at the liver so that we can get rid of anything that might be thinkin' about growing and so that we can keep the tumors that are there from getting bigger. 

Dr. Park said that in a best case scenario, Harv will be ready for surgery again in  3 - 4 months... So that means August or September.  He also said that if there is any cancer in the newly grown liver, surgery will not be an option. 

So... Harv is doing everything he do can to get stronger and ready for more chemo. He's been taking some good walks lately and he's not needing to nap quite as much.

We are praying that Harv's liver refuses to accept any new cancer and that the cancer that is there will not grow -- so that Dr. Park can cut those uglies out.

Wouldn't it be SO.MUCH.FUN. to be able to have a party after the second surgery to celebrate the removal of the uglies?  

Let's plan on it... Start thinkin' late fall, people.  There aren't enough parties then anyway! 

And, please continue to pray for complete and total healing.

We love you.

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