Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Harv had a follow-up appointment to see Dr. Park today. He had 40 staples removed from his incision. I left the room.

Dr. Park was pleased with Harv's activity level. Said his color is much better. Turns out they removed Harv's gall bladder while they were cuttin' away the liver.

Bottom line: Harv needs to get started on chemo again so that the tumors in the liver don't have a chance to regrow. Best case scenario, chemo works well, tumors remain stable or get smaller and another surgery can take place in 3 - 4 months to remove the uglies. Dr. Park said that surgery could not take place if there's not enough healthy liver tissue -- tumors in the new liver. 

So... we need healthy new liver. We need chemo to work on the uglies. We need Harv to be ready for surgery in 3 - 4 months. And, we need a relatively normal life again.

Most days are good. Harv is doing pretty well. He's making progress.   

Some days I've just had enough of "not my normal." Today I'm havin' one of those days. I'll get over it, but some days I'm just tired.

Reckon it's on those days that this makes sense:

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