Thursday, April 4, 2013


This week we have been so thankful to be able to get away to one of our favorite spots -- Kalaloch, WA. It's quiet, wide open fresh air. No tv, no real telephone and very limited Internet... Lots of "boring" and full of refreshment!!

Since we've been here, we have found out that Harv DOESN'T, in fact, have to have chemo on the 8th, but he WILL have a pre-surgery CT scan. We had thought that the scan would be done on the 16th when he goes to UW medical center for his pre-surgery appt. Dr. Park would like it earlier,though, so it's gonna happen on Monday. (We are very happy about no chemo, btw!)

Please pray for a "beautiful" CT scan. Please pray that these next few weeks before surgery will be weeks where Harv feels strong and healthy.

And, please pray for our family that we all feel strong and healthy --- all the way around. Please pray that the time at Kalaloch strengthens us and renews us for the time ahead.

Thank you for your support and for being there for us many ways.

We love you!!

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