Monday, April 29, 2013

Today's update:

  • Motility through the digestive system is still an issue
    • a good sign that there seems to be some air -- usually other movement follows soon (that continues to be a prayer request)
  • Red blood count is still low (another request)--- have limited the blood draws 'cause that may have been caused a problem -- (they were drawing blood every six hours and it was a challenge for his body to keep up with production. So they're only taking it out every 24 hours.) They feel like since he has no other symptoms of low RBC (nausea, dizziness, etc.)  they're gonna try to let his body raise the count on its own. (There's been a possibility that he would need blood. We are hoping that his body can get right on its own.) His energy level isn't very high, but he's walking and all other signs (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) are looking good. 
  • They're gonna give him some iron.
  • Turns out that he can only receive Toradol for a max of 36 hours -- which will be here soon. Then they'll have to switch him to another drug that has oxycodone in it -- which can cause motility problems -- which can cause an ileus... which I don't want to happen (Harv doesn't either.) So his digestive system really needs to get movin'.
  • So far, this morning, he's done eight laps around the floor.

If things progress, he may be able to leave tomorrow...but I don't want to go home until his body is REALLY ready. Please pray for that, too.

That's all for now... 

Happy Monday, people!

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