Monday, April 22, 2013

This week

I am still soakin' up some Georgia goodness and I am SO thankful that I've been able to take this trip. I'm ready to see my family, but I'm not quite ready to leave. 

This morning I noticed an alert that the FAA has had to furlough some air traffic controllers and some flights will most likely be delayed. They didn't mention any flights to Seattle in the alerts, but I am seriously hopin' that will not be an issue. So, if you don't mind sayin' a little prayer, I'd appreciate that.

Also, I get home on Tuesday afternoon and we will head down to Seattle on Wednesday. Thursday is the day that Dr. Park will rid Harv's body of a little bit more cancer. Enter the second prayer request.... please pray that Harv's liver is healthy enough to remove a whole bunch of cancer... Dr. Park will only be able to be as aggressive as the liver dictates -- the healthier the liver, the more aggressive. The less healthy the liver, the less aggressive with surgery. 

We have some plans for the rest of the spring and the summer and we need Harv to be able to participate fully.  So, we would like him to heal quickly and thoroughly. (That's the third prayer request.)

This trip to Georgia has been very good for me. My friends, Carol and Matt, helped my visit start out just right. Time with Laura and Mary has been really fun, too.  (It included a photo shoot, strawberry pickin', eatin', drinkin', laughin', a teeny bit of sisterly annoyances, long car rides, antiquin' and other fun.). Thankful! Thankful! Thankful!!

Every time I want to say "thank you" to all of you, I try to come up with a new way to say it, but I can't.  So...please accept this not-very-creative way of sayin' how much we all appreciate your love and support. We love you.

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