Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Returning to the nest

Any other mothers out there who have a difficult time coming back home from a trip? Unstated and perhaps unrealistic expectations of how things are gonna be upon your return? I excel at that. I'm not sure what I'm expecting, but I'm pretty sure my expectations are always way over the top. And, because of that, I often fail to notice the things that HAVE been done.

I think especially after a long, lovely trip which was basically free of responsibility it is hard to come back to the nest. And, truthfully,  this time I had a few things on my mind in addition to why the dishwasher had not been unloaded and reloaded.

But I goofed yesterday. Feelings were hurt. I accidentally broke the lawn mower while trying to cut the grass. I went to bed a little grumpy. Woke up with sore jaws from grittin' my teeth.

It's all so silly.

I kinda think there are other things on our minds. I know that my mind is full. 

Should I take the espresso maker with me when I go? Should I hurry out and get Harv some new pajamas and a new bathrobe today? (YES!!) Remind me to cancel the hotel reservation 'cause I have a free place to stay. What clothes am I gonna take? Should we carry Harv's suitcase into the hospital when we check him in or do we have to wait until they give him a room? Remind me to get Raney's meds before we leave town. We're almost outta milk. I need another cup of coffee. Gotta remember to take myself a bottle of rosé.  Will there be wireless where I'm going? I wasn't very nice yesterday. (followed by defensiveness and an explanation -- in my head) The veggie man is gonna deliver our vegetables today...gotta remember to leave the $ for him. What are we gonna have for dinner tonight? Gotta remember S & H's dr. appt. this afternoon. Have to call insurance today to check on the procedure if he needs to stay longer. What are the girls gonna eat for meals while I'm gone?  How is Raney gonna do all this week? My head hurts. I don't want Harv to have to have surgery on his liver. The feeling inside of me is the same feeling I have when I'm gettin' ready to fly on an airplane -- before I take a pill to "take the edge off." I am sure this surgery is a good thing -- and I'm still nervous about it.  I wanna do what I wanna do.

The mind is full of a lot more than that...but you kinda get the idea...

Anyway... #1 -- I'm sorry, family (especially Harv) for not being as appreciative as I should've been.

#2 -- Reckon I'm a little "on edge" and could use a fair bit of prayer for peace.

#3 -- Thank you all! 

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Maia W said...

Holding your hubby, you and your whole family in light, in this important day!
My friend had liver resection and it gave her 3 full years of not treatments at all. (BTW, she's doing treatments these days, and doing well :)
The liver has an amazing capacity to fully grow back *in weeks*, even in the cases where 50% or 60% is removed!
May this be healing time for you all! :)