Friday, April 26, 2013

Harv's still in ICU and his nurse is tendin' to him and one other patient -- who seems to be having a difficult time. His nurse is so patient and kind. 

A couple of doctors came by today and think he's doing really well... which is good. 

If Harv gets up and gets movin' a bit today, they'll move him to a regular room. Please pray that the pain in his shoulder goes away (movement should help with that). He needs to cough get the stuff movin' in his lungs.  They're gonna try to get him walkin' at about 11:00 PST. Send some strength this way to give him the boost he needs to get movin'. 

Just a little info: they gave him an epidural for the surgery and it is currently still hooked up. It's a constant flow of pain meds and he has a button that he can push if he needs to add a little boost. So far, he has pushed it a couple of times an hour -- which is reasonable for the amount of pain he's experiencing. In fact, I think he could probably increase it, but am thankful that he hasn't felt the need. 

My job today is to keep him mentally alert and to assist with gettin' him out and movin'. 

Please forgive me for not making more phone calls... Writing helps me process and helps me get the info to lots of people at once. The updates I give are as thorough as I know at the moment. I appreciate you all wantin' to keep up with what's happening. I will try to update as often as I can -- or as often as there is something to report.

We are thankful that he's doing as well as he is. We are hopeful that he will get even stronger today.

(And, I'm kinda hopin' he gets to move into a private room.)

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