Friday, April 26, 2013

Harv sat in a chair. He stood up, but not for long. Felt nauseous and dizzy so they didn't push it. 

They have let him progress to a popsicle which was a bit more exciting than ice chips.  

He's resting now and I wish I was, too, but can't... 

Hoping he can stand again and maybe even take a few steps. 

(Pray for the man in the bed next to Harv. Not sure what the whole issue is, but I think he has some neurological problems. His wife seems so pleasant and loving. I bet she is EXHAUSTED and sad.)

These kinds of situations make me really appreciate nurses, etc. Seriously. Harv's nurse has been great, but I can tell she's losing steam today. When she arrived, she was a bit perkier than she was a few minutes ago. (The man next to Harv is requiring a lot of care.)  
And, so... I guess say a prayer for all the people taking care of all the people. It's a tough job.

Special shout out to my friend, Nahla and her family... I stocked up on some delicious Lebanese food from Mediterranean Specialties before I drove down and it is yuuuuuuuuuuuum-MY!! 

And a shout out to Susie and Mark who made a trip this morning to get me a latt√© so I could start my day just right. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these updates.

Jim Chambers said...

We're praying for Harvey's quick recovery.

MichelleReviews said...

As Lynn wrote, we appreciate the updates, and Harvey is in our thoughts.