Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday morning

Don't have any real news.  Harv said that when he did sleep he slept well, but it was a "hospital sleep" so lots of interruptions. He has a knot in his shoulder, and he is in a fair bit of pain in his abdomen. He's in good spirits, though, and that's good. The goal today is to get him out of bed and moving a little bit. 
His blood work seems good.
Haven't seen the doctor yet this morning, but wanted to give a quick update.


Alan Bates said...

Way to go Harv!
Take the 'tumor' out of 'tomorrow' and put the 'live' back into 'liver'! And remember 'cancer' is just short for 'can survive'!

Anonymous said...

Go, Harvey!

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate these updates.

Is it okay to share your blog with others?

And by others, I mean everyone... :-)