Saturday, April 27, 2013

Current stuff

  • Harv walked around the floor THREE times. (The doc told him he should try to make it around five times today... I'm guessing he'll exceed that expectation.)
  • He's started eating solid foods.
  • He's gonna get disconnected from the epidural (and start with oral pain meds), the catheter and the IV fluids today.
So... the challenge right now is that his digestive system isn't really moving yet. For those of you who were around when he had colon surgery, you may remember that he had an ileus (definition here). He went home a little bit too soon and that's when we discovered things weren't right... A tiny bit scary for me...)  We were told that ileus sometimes happens with surgery + pain meds. 

ANYWAY... we don't want that to happen again so -- please pray that his system gets movin' and that he begins to feel less pain with fewer pain meds.... (that can sometimes be difficult balance, I think.)

He's resting and now I have a cot so I can rest here, too. :-)

Have a happy day!

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Anonymous said...

Nice video.

Harvey, I thought you might break into a jog for a minute there. :-)

Go, Harvey!