Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We've heard from Dr. Park's office. A pre-op appointment has been set. We have been told that the norm for hospital stay after this surgery is five days. Dr. Park needs to confirm with Dr. Lin, but most likely there will be no more chemo before surgery.

Please begin now to pray that:
(1) the chemo that is currently in Harv's system is seriously kickin' some cancer butt
(2) the tumors that are there are shrinkin' like crazy 
(3) there's a really nice margin around the tumors so that it easy for Dr. Park to get all
     of the cancer
(4) that Harv would heal quickly and thoroughly after surgery 
(5) things would run smoothly at home while we're in Seattle

We are excited and nervous about this surgery. Liver surgery is a big deal. But we are hopeful and happy at the prospect of a long, happy future!!!

Thank you, friends and family, for all of your support.

We love you.

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