Monday, March 18, 2013

This week

Just heard from SCCA. Dr. Lin has made arrangements for Harv to get an infusion called Folfoxiri.

Folfoxiri stands for 5FU (which is the infusional form of Xeloda), this will be infused over 48 hours in a pump that Harvey will take home with him that fits in a fanny pack. The rest of the regimen includes Oxaliplatin and Irinotecan.

What I don't know is if ALL THREE drugs will be infused over the 48 hours or just the 5FU (Xeloda).

We're a little nervous 'cause this will be a new experience... 

Please pray that (1) the side effects are minimal, (2) that this method will really make a difference and (3) that if any side effects are present, we can deal with them quickly and effectively.

Oh, how I want cancer out of his body...and our lives! Oh, my goodness gracious!

Thank you for your support.

If you haven't heard about the bike ride I'm doing, check this out: Obliteride 2013.
Let's put an end to cancer right away!!


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