Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our schedule

We received the schedule today for the next few rounds of chemo... Looks like we're booked for four rounds and then a CT scan.  That means we go to Seattle every two weeks 'til the middle of May. 

We'll arrive early morning and the infusion that takes place at the hospital lasts at least five hours. :-P Then he'll get hooked up to the pump for some more infusion for 48 hours. A nurse will then come to our house 2 days later to disconnect him from the pump. 

One of the days that has been scheduled is during our Spring Break trip to Kalaloch. (Look it up if you're not familiar with it... It's on the Olympic Peninsula in Olympic National Park.) We love to go to Kalaloch -- even if it IS cold and gray and often drizzly. It's peaceful and quiet and all we do is eat, sit around, go for a beach walk and repeat. Very rejuvenating.

ANYWAY. I have asked if we can reschedule that day (which might affect the other infusions) and I think we'll probably be able to work it out.

I also am scheduled to go to Georgia for a week in April. I think all of that will work out, but just another thing to think about. (May have to hit some of you up for giving the girls rides to school or for checkin' on the dog...Beware!)

My brain is overloaded, but I believe things will be fine. Scheduling things is somewhat nightmarish... 

Please pray that Harvey responds well to the new protocol. (It's not new medicine, but it's being administered differently and it's a different combo...though he's had all three meds before.) Please pray that the Oxaliplatin does not cause the side effect that makes him feel like he's having a heart attack. He has experienced it all three times he's had it, but it's pretty uncomfortable. Also, please pray that the side effects from the 5FU will be no different than when he takes it orally.

And, while you're praying for all of that, please just ask God to make the cancer disappear completely. 

Thank you, people!!
Love you.

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Steph said...

Ah Carrie, we will be praying for you and Harv and the girls... lots of love coming your way ! steph and mike kuhn