Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little bit more info....

I received confirmation yesterday that there will only be one drug infused for the pump infusion (which is an infusion that lasts 48 hours). It's the 5FU (same as the Xeloda he's been taking). The difference in taking it orally and infusing it is that one travels through the circulatory system and the oral drug travels through his gastrointestinal tract.

Our nurse also said:
Just note that a different route of administering a drug orally versus circulatory means it disperses through the body at a different rate. So with oral drugs we need to take it more fequently since it is absorbed via GI system and metabolized (hence taking Xeloda for 14 days), whereas via bloodstream, it will remain in the system for a longer period of time (hence 5FU for 48 hours).

As for side effects:
side effects are the same with 5FU and Xeloda, but he might notice a side effect that was more prominent with Xeloda for him might not be so prominent and vice versa.

One big, fat drag is that this regimen is gonna be every two weeks instead of every three weeks. (Little bit concerned that it's gonna encroach on our personal family time, but onward we must go...)

We also got a note from the surgeon yesterday which said:
Reviewed the CT scan from 3/12.
Certainly a surgical resection candidate.
Depending on the state of the liver, would decide intra-operatively whether a staged operation (i.e. left-side first, recover, more chemo, then right-side next) is needed or if all lesions can be addressed at once.
Agree with a little more chemo first.
Thanks, Jim 
To which I replied:
Thanks so much! We are hopin’ for much progress with the chemo… Lookin’ forward to gettin’ rid of the cancer in his body!
To which he replied:
I will be praying with you. Jim.
I kinda like the idea of the person who is gonna do surgery praying for my husband and our family.

Thank you, people, for praying for us, too.
Love you.

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