Monday, February 4, 2013

Thursday Harv and I go back to Seattle for some more chemo. This time he might end up having two drugs infused, depending on what the doctor thinks is best.

Last go-round the pain that came with the neuropathy was intense. And, while I don't think he's gonna like it if it comes back this month, it won't be quite as "scary" 'cause he will kind of know what to expect. Last time the major, intensive pain/sensation went away within the first four or five days. And what didn't go away, we figured out how to handle. Also, last time, he was pretty doggone wiped out for the first few days. Slept much of the days...

What we're goin' for with these rounds of chemo is dramatic enough change in his liver that he can have surgery to get rid of those ugly things in his liver. He had a round in January. He'll have this week's round and then we are scheduled for another infusion at the end of the month. And, then... who knows what'll come after that.

I don't know what's in store. I don't know why Harv had to get cancer.

But I DO know that as we travel this road, it's not quite as scary as it was at first -- though we do have some "moments." I DO know that we have amazing, supportive friends and family. I DO know that somehow -- and I can't explain to you how this is -- but God is right there, still bein' good in spite of things I wish had not happened.

Thank you, friends. 
We love you.

Please pray:
·         for continued success.
·         for dramatic progress in the killing of the cancer. 
·         for Harv to be able to handle the side effects with ease.

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