Thursday, February 28, 2013


Driving to and from Seattle and sittin' around all day wears me out... Perhaps not more than chemo wears Harvey out, though. :-)

His numbers still look pretty good. Some numbers hadn't gotten back yet so there are some we don't know, but overall he's holding steady.

Dr. Lin always says a few things that just don't register with my non-medical brain, but he did say that the OncoPlex testing results have come back. I'm still trying to find out about the testing. Anyway, they identified some of the mutations of tumor cells in Harv's system. And, they are doing research to try to match chemotherapy to the specific tumor profile(s). One of the mutations they found in Harv's tumors was the NRAS mutation. (I'm 'onna have to find out a bit more). They found others, too. They also found that there were quite a few mutations that were NOT messin' around with Harv.
The sample tested is positive for a mutation in NRAS in which serine is substituted for glycine at position 12 of the NRAS protein.... Mutations in NRAS codon12 are observed in about 1% of the colorectal cancers and are associated with lack of response to therapies that target the EGF receptor (Vaughn 2011, Custodio 2013)
I don't know about you, but that little paragraph kinda makes me hopeful. They know that that particular mutation doesn't respond to certain therapies... So, they will apply other therapies to which the tumors WILL respond -- as in, WE WILL KICK THAT MUTATION'S BUTT!

The immediate goal continues to be to minimize the tumors that are there to get to the point of surgery and/or radiation.

One thing we did find out (which is a little bit of a drag) is that radiation will most likely be a situation of M-F for three weeks. That might be ever-so-slightly inconvenient -- and perhaps not a ton of fun. 

Anyway...the day went as it usually does. Blood work, visit with Dr. Lin, chemo...during which I watch Harv's face lose color and watch him begin to feel less than perfect.  He had a very minimal bout with nausea, but enough that he took some anti-nausea meds. He slept on the way home and he's sleeping now. 

In a few days, he'll probably be back to he has been these past two rounds.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, help and support.

We love you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Update 2 of 2 for today

Just got back one of the test results from blood work done earlier this week.

It's the CTC (circulating tumor cells) and it was ZERO... Last time it was one.

So that's very good.

Yippeee skippee!

Today's visit

Just met with Dr. Lin... not a ton of information to tell.

He's adjusted the dose of Oxaliplatin which will hopefully alleviate some of the side effects. He's adding Avastin this go round and we'll see where we are next time we're here.

Hopefully, we'll make some good progress so surgery can be done, but he said that even if Dr. Park thinks surgery is not an option, then we'll probably go with some form of radiation. He said that the goal is to convert these things in the liver into a non-active spot one way or another.

He said that the Avastin is used simply to target the tumors so the other drugs can just get in there and kill all those suckers!

I have dreams of quick, simple, painless treatment -- and for the most part, I don't think it's been so bad. But, I'm pretty ready for the treatment part to be over -- AND SUCCESSFUL.

Dr. Lin still thinks we're making progress so we'll keep on keepin' on.

Thank you for your prayers for our family.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thursday Harv and I go back to Seattle for some more chemo. This time he might end up having two drugs infused, depending on what the doctor thinks is best.

Last go-round the pain that came with the neuropathy was intense. And, while I don't think he's gonna like it if it comes back this month, it won't be quite as "scary" 'cause he will kind of know what to expect. Last time the major, intensive pain/sensation went away within the first four or five days. And what didn't go away, we figured out how to handle. Also, last time, he was pretty doggone wiped out for the first few days. Slept much of the days...

What we're goin' for with these rounds of chemo is dramatic enough change in his liver that he can have surgery to get rid of those ugly things in his liver. He had a round in January. He'll have this week's round and then we are scheduled for another infusion at the end of the month. And, then... who knows what'll come after that.

I don't know what's in store. I don't know why Harv had to get cancer.

But I DO know that as we travel this road, it's not quite as scary as it was at first -- though we do have some "moments." I DO know that we have amazing, supportive friends and family. I DO know that somehow -- and I can't explain to you how this is -- but God is right there, still bein' good in spite of things I wish had not happened.

Thank you, friends. 
We love you.

Please pray:
·         for continued success.
·         for dramatic progress in the killing of the cancer. 
·         for Harv to be able to handle the side effects with ease.