Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Goodness of Hawaii

Harv and I got here on Tuesday. Unbelievably lovely. We rented a nice condo and have eaten most of our meals here.
Our days go pretty much like this:
- Get up when it's still dark out and drink coffee.
-Eat a little breakfast.
-Dress warmly and sit by the shore until the sun moves past the shade tree.
- Enjoy the sun until it's too hot.
- Go inside and eat lunch.
-Sit on the lanai and stay out of the crazy hot sun.
- Maybe take a nap.
- Go sit by shore with a nice beverage and watch the sun go down.
- Eat dinner.
-Sit around.
- Go to bed so we can do it all again the next day.

The exceptions to that have been the day we drove to Hana and this morning when we were on the sunrise whale-watching boat.

Now, I'm by the shore watching for more whales and feeling SO thankful.

Like I said once before, there is DEFINITELY something to be said for the sunshine and the tropical air. Six days might be too short. :-)

Love you people!

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