Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's 5:30 p.m. and I'm whooped...probably mostly from the stress of not knowing and the fear of what we might learn. But things aren't so bad...

We saw pictures of what Dr. Lin described on the phone yesterday. The inside of the tumors are dead, but the outsides appear to still be alive and kickin' (Damn their hides!).  

Dr. Lin did a gene study of the tumor that they removed from the colon in April. And he had those results to discuss today too.  I think it must've been very complicated 'cause he didn't get into EVERYTHING, but he said they discovered that there are several different mutations of the colon cancer in Harv's system -- which  makes it a little bit more challenging to treat. But he did not make us feel less hopeful.

After thinking out loud for a while, he decided that Harv should be infused with Oxaliplatin (common side effects: sensitivity to cold, neuropathy in hands and feet and the typical potential stomach upset and nausea, etc.). We are hoping that since he hasn't experienced much of the stomach issues before that he won't this time either...and we are praying that the other stuff is minimal.

Dr. Lin thinks that it will be fine for us to go to Maui and if Harv is gonna have a reaction, we would notice it within the next few days.

So, we're hanging out in the infusion room and I'm dreaming of something unbelievably delicious for dinner (while eating chips and drinking water)... We decided to stay down here for the night.

I think everything's gonna be alright --- at least for now. 

Thank you, friends and family, for being so good to us. 

We love you.

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