Saturday, January 12, 2013

Harv's been experiencing quite a bit of pain from the neuropathy which is caused from the chemo... If his hands get cold, it feels like shards of glass in his hands. And, his fingers/hands don't work quite as well...difficulty opening jars, buttoning, etc. He also has a sharp pain in his jaw when he takes his first bite of food. And, he's very fatigued.

We still have a couple of days to decide about Hawaii. I'm a little torn. The warmth will be good, but he is really lacking energy...which I suppose is okay if all we're gonna do is sit around. And, so... I just don't know.

Prayers for relief from the neuropathy would be great. (Anybody out there have any suggestions for what might've worked for you?) And, prayers for me to be able to focus on stuff would be good too. (My brain seems to be a bit cluttered.)

I don't think we're in BAD shape, but this is not what I would call an EASY phase.

Thank you, friends.

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