Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just met with Dr. Lin... All of Harv's numbers are moving in the right direction. He's very pleased with the way things look. The number that shows how much the cancer is circulating is ZERO! And, Dr. Lin said that with conventional treatment, most patients with Harv's diagnosis would be resistant to the treatment at this point. Harv, however, is continuing to be receptive... And THAT is a VERY good thing.
We'll come back on the 20th for a CT scan and then a decision will be made about whether to do surgery or stick with oral chemo as maintenance. tired as we are (mostly me), we are thankful that Dr. Lin is making a difference for colon cancer patients -- worldwide -- and specifically, in our lives.


Sehome Canoe said...

Hey guys, our love and prayers are still with you. Go Harv!

Flying Snow said...

So GREAT news, Carrie!
I have some great news also... my friend saw Dr. Lin, for first time, yesterday, the same day that you were there!! She is IN LOVE with him, she's so HAPPY she sounds like if she's cured right now!
She's flying right now back her home in Toronto, with Dr. Lin's plan for her. Hope her onc in Canada is receptive to work with Dr. Lin.
He's the man. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves, soon.
OMG, I'm so HAPPY! I have to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, because even if I already knew about Dr. Lin, reading your blog convinced me he was the right doc to help my friend (my sister!), so I've pestered her to go and see him :)
The best for Harvey, you and the girls. I bless you all.

Carrie said...

So great!