Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This morning Harv and I went to Seattle to meet with Dr. James Park, a surgery specialist at UW Medical Center. Harv met first with a physician who thoroughly reviewed his medical history. Then, we were given about a 2 1/2 hour break while the team met to discuss Harv's case.

When we met Dr. Park, he basically said the same thing that Dr. Lin told us two weeks ago; that there would need to be more chemo before surgery is an option. He's of the opinion that an additional chemo should be added to really knock the remaining cancer out. He will talk with Dr. Lin and we'll see what specific changes there will be to the chemo plan that is currently in place.

Right now, Harv is scheduled to go back for a round of Avastin in two weeks. It's possible that they will add Irinotican (sp?) which is one of the 3 original drugs he was given in January.

And so, we continue... (I kinda feel like saying "UGH!") But, it's not bad news...just people being careful to make sure we get rid of all that evil stuff -- which really is a good thing. I just wish we could have a break from medical appointments. (Seriously, it's fine. I might be a little bit tired.)


When we got back from Seattle, we had an early family birthday celebration 'cause Harv's gonna be FIFTY!!!  We celebrated with a cake that marked some important milestones for this year. (I didn't make it, but isn't it lovely?!) And, Harv got a cider press and a bag for his netbook!!! Woo hoo!

We are very thankful for all that has been accomplished in 2012. WHAT A YEAR!

We love you.

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Betsy True said...

Great cake, Carrie! Woohoo!

Thinking of you all as always.