Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A week from today, Harv and I will go back to Seattle to start the first of three infusions. He's been "lucky" for a few months 'cause he's only had to take the oral chemo. The last time we went, they gave him an infusion of a more easily tolerated drug called Avastin. Next time we go, he'll be receiving two infusions -- both of which he had at the very beginning.

All in all, he tolerated his chemo well at the get-go, but I'm a little bit nervous this go-round. We've been so fortunate in his response to the chemo. And, truthfully, at the beginning my biggest fear was his reaction to the chemo and how that would affect the rest of us. I'm a little bit concerned this time, too.

You know, the part of cancer that scares me the most is the crappy way the patient feels during treatment. I do NOT want to lose Harvey, but I also don't want to see him feel bad. 

For some reason, within the past week, he's been having mouth sores. And, in particular, he has a big one on his tongue that makes it difficult to talk. He has a week without any chemo (oral or otherwise) so hopefully, he can get those cleared up before the "big guns" come out next week.

I know that we don't get to choose everything that happens in this life. I also know that it doesn't hurt to ask God for what we want 'cause sometimes it really does make a difference. Please begin now praying that:
  • his mouth sores heal
  • that his response to the combo of drugs for the next three times will be dramatic and swift
  • that he will have VERY MINIMAL side-effects from the additional chemo
  • that I will be helpful and pleasant and loving in spite of my extreme annoyance that there is cancer of any kind in anybody... (If I think about it more than a second or two, I get pretty angry.)
Thank you, friends, for your support. I can't get over how much y'all do for us.

We love you.


Flying Snow said...

"If I think about it more than a second or two, I get pretty angry"

I hear you.. :/
My friend on Xeloda sometimes has some mouth sores. She uses "magic mouthwash". It's something her doc prescribes and she gets it compounded at the pharmacy, but I think some there are available pre-mixed (First-Mouthwash BLM, First-BXN Mouthwash). She also got Kank-A but never used it, so far (that could be good for one sore localized in a really bad spot). I don't know if this helps but, just in case :)
And happy belated birthday -that cake looks amazing, specially the "CEA down!" sign! :)
Warm regards,

Chris said...

Carrie - I'm gonna pray for NO side effects instead of MINIMAL, doesn't ever hurt to ask for exactly what we want! No compromises!
Love ya both and you don't deserve any effects except total healing!

Trisha said...

Will be thinking of you! Harvey is strong from all those hikes!! xoxo