Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PET scan tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Harv and I head down to Seattle so he can have a PET scan. This will determine (in a very specific way) how much cancer is still in his system. We think the only cancer left is in his liver. The PET scan will confirm that and will get even MORE specific about the cancer that's in the liver.

Today, he's not supposed to exercise at all. And, can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight tonight. Tomorrow he'll have IV fluids with a radioactive dye that will light up the areas that have high sugar content. That will take a long time to infuse all those fluids. They told him he can't even read during the infusion because the eye movement is considered exercise and might produce sugar that would light up in the PET scan. They will also insert a catheter during the procedure so that all the liquid that he will have infused won't be confused with "wrong" sugar.

The morning procedures will last about 3 hours or so. So, I'm gonna hang out with a friend while he lies still and tries not to "exercise."

And, then tomorrow night, we're gonna stay in a hotel in downtown Seattle. Kind of like a date night. And, I hope we get to eat some delicious food downtown, too.

Thursday morning we'll meet with Dr. Lin so we can find out the results of the PET scan.

That's what's comin' up.

Prayers appreciated.

(Not feelin' especially "write-y" so it's pretty much just the facts.)

Love you people!!!

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Trisha said...

Will be thinking of you guys!!