Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seattle Visit

Today's visit was very good. Harv's CEA count is 1.6... His white blood count is slightly low, but it's been that low before. That count is most likely due to the chemo. He has gained 13 pounds since his last visit. (He's eating like a horse!)

Dr. Lin said that unless there is a new growth, Harv will probably continue with the oral chemo+Celebrex plan for a while. He continued to tell us about many of his patients who have had great success with this same treatment -- some of whom are 12 years out from diagnosis!

We go again next month for a PET scan which will give us a more accurate picture of what's happening in his liver.

Harv has felt very good over this past month. He's been focusing his energy on getting stronger and healthier. As I mentioned earlier he's eating well. He has made it a priority to get in a few good hikes a week. He's adjusting to life with a colostomy bag.

His goal is to use this time to make the most of feeling good... And to get stronger in the event there might be a different or challenging treatment in the future.

We are thankful for the results from the surgery and from the continued treatment.

And, we are thankful for the continued love, prayers and support from you all.

We love you all.

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Betsy True said...

Good news, Carrie. Thanks for keeping us informed!