Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have been thinking about all of you lovely people a lot lately. 

First of all, I want to say that if you don't see a blog update, then things are going pretty well. "No news is good news" applies.

Secondly, I keep thinking about how many of you have done things and how many of you are still doing things for us and I wanted to say THANK YOU again.  I have been derelict about writing thank you notes. Somehow, this "event" has overwhelmed my ability to follow through the way I would like to do. 

It's not the way I like to do things, but if you have done ANYTHING AT ALL for us over the past six months,  please know that we have received your gifts of love with gratitude -- overflowing gratitude. People have sent books, spa gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and more. More than one person has cleaned my house -- more than once. People have encouraged and loved and helped... People have sent cards and notes and they have called. And, people have listened to our frustrations or concerns or my idiosyncrasies. People have also helped us out with the girls or the dog or both.  And, people have brought DELICIOUS meals. Not to mention some yard work, garbage duty and lawn mower mechanics... 

The list is long. Our gratitude runs deep. Deeper than you know.

We love you.

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