Friday, May 4, 2012

You know, for the most part, I've been running on auto-pilot. What needs to get done, does. The girls get to school. The groceries get bought. We eat. The dog gets her walk. Harv gets a hospital visit... Sometimes I get a glass of wine. ;-)

But, this week there have been a couple of times, when the flood inside of me could not be held back anymore. It's kind of like the flood gates opened for a few minutes, closed up again, "AUTO PILOT" was turned back on and life continued.  There's still water behind those gates. It only comes when it's ready, but I never know exactly when that's going to be.

I don't mind crying, but it seems like crying requires the perfect setting. Kind of needs to be done alone --- which doesn't happen often. And, it kind of needs to happen on its own schedule -- both when it starts and how long it needs to last. Finding those perfect arrangements is a challenge. (Please do not be concerned about me because I wrote about crying... I'm FINE. Just have to cry sometimes and thought I'd share that with you. ☺)

And now, for the update on Harv:

I felt much better when I left the hospital yesterday afternoon. Harv had just finished a grape Popsicle and it really perked him up. And, we found out that the doctor's rule was that he can have a total of 8 oz. (240cc) of water &/or Popsicle... One Popsicle is only 70 cc! So, he could even have MORE before he went to bed. What a way to end the day!

I believe he'll be in the hospital until AT LEAST Sunday and if they say "Oh! you can go home today." I'm gonna say "Please let him stay an extra day." I'm hoping that we have had all of the ER visits we're ever gonna have in this journey. All of them (3 in the past month) have happened in the evening or late at night. I don't do late nights well even on a "regular" day... Late night + emergency visit throws me off a little.

This weekend is the second weekend of performances for Celeste's play: The Bellingham Theatre Guild's performance of "Flowers for Algernon." We haven't been yet (well, Sarah and Hannah went), but we've heard very good things about it. It's a "heavy" story, but I hear it's very well done. We are proud of her just comin' into town, finding a community theater, auditioning and getting not just any ol' part,  but the female lead. Ta daaaaaaaaaaaah! (We're related to her!)

Saturday, I might try to get out to the Sehome Athletics and Activities Auction... Just a little bit of socializing for me. We'll see how people are doing, but I believe I can make it happen.

Sunday is also Sarah and Hannah's piano recital. Can you believe they've been playing since 2nd GRADE?!  That means they're in their NINTH year of piano! Woo hoo! And, a big shout out to their wonderful teacher, Judy Johnson! 

Looks like today I needed to write about a bunch of stuff that doesn't really connect. You're stuck with it. 

I will give a real update when I have more information.
I still love you all. 

P.S. Harv is gonna be amazingly surprised and happy when he sees all the Popsicles he gets to eat when he gets home! Thanks, friends!


Tina said...

I did that play in high school so I hope to go see it as a audience member before it leaves the theater :) I am glad that Harvey is doing better I continue to pray for you every chance I get

Caity said...

I saw Celeste in the play tonight! She did a wonderful job and the whole production was great.

Praying for Harvey and for your whole family to have energy, wellness, and peace. Thanks for the updates!