Thursday, May 3, 2012


Harv was on orders not to have any food or drink by mouth until things started moving...

He had a CT scan and it appears that there is a little bit of movement in the small intestine. (GO small intestine, GO,)

So, I think, because there appears to be some movement, Dr. Levinson gave him permission to have one Popsicle and one 8 oz. cup of water every 8 hours. Woooo hoo! He's already had one Popsicle and the next one will be available to him at about the same time that American Idol begins... So! The girls and I are gonna "join" him from home. You can too! It'll be a symbol of all the healing thoughts we are sending on behalf of Harv to the one who heals. :-)

Let's call this "Eat a Popsicle for Harv night!"

He's better, but he still has some healing to do!!!

Special thank you to those of you who have located Popsicles.... I think we're set for a little while. SO sweet of you to hunt for 'em and make it happen.

Another example of the love we feel!

Eatin' popsicles and kickin'cancer's butt!!!!


Leanora Suzanne said...

I just got a whole box of popsicles and I will definitely be eating one tonight! :) Yay!

Unknown said...

I'm glad that I got to see Harvey yesterday - grape popsicle :) Dr. Levenson is the best - he was the one who diagnosed me. With Dr. L and God, Harvey is in good hands!