Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yesterday I celebrated my 50th birthday...

My day began with my friends picking me up early to go to breakfast... Turns out, though, that the breakfast place didn't open until 8:00. So, we went to Tony's and got a latte before we went to eat.

This was MY latte. Isn't it beautiful?!

We had a stranger take our picture at Tony's.  I don't really have a plant growing out of my hair.

Then we went to Skylark's and ate a yummy breakfast.

I pretended I was a queen...(if you look closely, you can see my tiara.)

These ladies helped me celebrate.

I was a little nervous having so much attention, so Amanda ordered me a mimosa to help me calm down. :-)

And, then, I was whisked away to have a morning full of spa treatments.

And, when my massage was over, my friends were waiting outside for me so we could have another mimosa to toast my grown up years.

Harv picked me up at 1:00 and we went to lunch at Anthony's. Lovely, slow paced lunch.

Then we got home I found out that someone had arranged to have our deck beautified and warmed up. 

Rumor has it that our wonderful friends from Northrop Grumman gave us the gift of deck beautification. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed. I know lots of planning went into making it happen and it was so much fun that your gift to our family fell on my birthday. LOVELY.

And, after all of that, Celeste made a delicious dinner and we had a yummy cake for dessert (not sure why I didn't get photos of that).

Thank you friends and family for loving us all...and me, in particular, on this day. ♥

It was a wonderful birthday!

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Dad and Mom said...

Wonderful! And we thank God that you have great friends right there with you.
Love from Dad and Mom Chute