Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here's what I know:

Harv didn't really sleep well last night. He slept, but not quite as well as he had hoped. So, as a result, he's "catching up" by sleeping this morning. He's also finding that it's somewhat more difficult to move around the house (get in/out of bed, etc.) than it was at the hospital. He's had a 1/2 a piece of toast for breakfast and now he's slowly working on a bowl of cereal.

He seems amazingly sluggish to me, but he thinks it's just the adjustment to being home. I reckon we'll see.

Hoping he finds his groove soon.

We set up our next Seattle appointment for May 15th. And, we'll have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Pietro sometime during that week, too.

Please continue to pray for healing.

P.S. And, shortly after I wrote the above, he vomited. Oh! How I do not want to have a sick husband...This is an extremely helpless feeling. I know it's gonna be okay, but it's actually not okay now and I don't like that part.

Prayers all around, please. I really want to be a good nurse...everyday.

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Trisha said...

So glad he is home and we hope for him to heal quick! Happy May Day!!