Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Harv was happy to get home yesterday afternoon. He sat in the blue chair and hung out for the rest of the day. Raney was happy to see him, too... (He sat before she came in.) She had trouble walking because she was wagging so much.

He moves slowly and isn't without pain, but he continues to say that it's muscle pain -- which is way better than the cramping pain that caused the surgery to begin with.

He ate -- though nothing you could actually call a meal, but he ate all he wanted and was satisfied.

We both slept, though not without waking a few times. I'm not sure how (un)comfortable he was while he was sleeping, but he finds it a challenge and a real thought process to move around in and to get out of bed.

Please pray for me as nurse. Nursing isn't a strong area for me, but I do what I can. ☺ Pray for nurse/patient communication -- that it's open, encouraging, loving and helpful.  Please pray that today we will find the best way to manage his pain and that he would be encouraged by his progress.

People continue to do things for us and I haven't written even ONE thank you note since January!!! And, the reality is, I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen. (ugh).... That doesn't mean that I'm not composing thank you notes in my head all the time.... Good friends! That's what I've got. Good friends! 

The reality is my brain is a bit scattered so my blog entry isn't well-composed, but hopefully, you'll get the idea that Harv's healing, I wanna be the nurse he needs... I'm sure one of his goals is to be the very best patient in the world for me ;-), and we have received and continue to receive wonderful support from friends and family.

Love you all.
Continuing to GFW!!

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