Monday, May 7, 2012

Harv is still in the hospital...

Yesterday morning he seemed very perky and,  after we visited him, he even took a walk outside in the  beautiful springtime air....

The doctor told him he can try any liquids now...creamy soups, juices and oatmeal (how that qualifies as a liquid, I'm not sure). He had cream of celery for lunch and that was good. He had cream of potato for dinner and that was if-y. So, he stopped before he got sick. In addition to the almost-nausea, it kind of wiped him out.

I stopped by right before he went to bed and said "good-night." His spirits are okay, but he was pretty tired.

I, personally, am ready for a little bit of "normal" again. I want him home (but only when he's REALLY ready to be here) and I would like our lives to be less-full of hospitals and feelin' bad. I don't know exactly when that's gonna be -- and, like I said, I don't want to rush things 'cause I want him to be well-enough to BE home -- but this is kinda wearin' on me.

Amazingly thankful for a beautiful day yesterday. Very, very thankful for friends who made a big drive just to love my girls yesterday. (And, the pastries are yummy, too!) And, I continue to be thankful for friends who check on us daily and do "little" things to support us. It helps a lot.

Please continue to pray for Harv to heal. And, please pray for some little moment or two of rejuvenation for me so that I can be what I need to be for my family and for me. 

Love you people! (I'm NOT kidding!)

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