Saturday, May 12, 2012

Harv got home at about 1:30 Thursday afternoon. He was moving slowly that day and the next, but was feeling pretty good. Had an appetite, took a few short walks outside, and was slowly adjusting to a more normal life.

He has slept well both nights. This morning, he got up around 5:30, went down to get the paper (without a "spotter"), made coffee, ate breakfast and was chillin' out when I got downstairs at 6:30.

Then he went for another walk all the way from our driveway up to San Juan Blvd. & back. He took care of some paperwork, sat outside in the sunshine for a while, and he and the girls went on a "secret" mission later in the afternoon. He's even been acting more like himself mentally and emotionally. Another sign of him feeling better.

Right now he's resting. I'm enjoying some wine on the deck in what's left of the sunshine (that hits the deck).

It's been pretty close to a normal day and that feels very, very good.


Kris Kurtis said...

Wishing you a beautiful Mother's day with your family all together at last!

Betsy True said...

What a great Mother's Day present!

Trisha said...

Happy Mother's Day Carrie! So glad Harvey is home and feeling a little better!! :)