Monday, May 7, 2012

The doctor gave Harv permission to eat low-fiber solid foods today. That was after he had "eaten" his liquid breakfast so he got another! Scrambled eggs, muffin, and I can't remember what else. He ate a lot.

We're not sure how FAST things are moving, but it seems like there might be SOME movement. Hoping for more progress tomorrow. 

Harv's parents came for a visit this morning, which was nice. They sat with him for a while until he got sleepy and then Celeste escorted them to the cafeteria for lunch. So glad they got to be here for a bit. 

After dinner, I "snuck" a couple of root beer Popsicles in for Harv. He liked 'em. (Thank you, Popsicle donors!)

Please pray that things start moving. One, undesired, solution is to have a tube inserted into the nose to help move things along. THAT is NOT an option we'd like. 

Special shout out tonight to my neighbors who helped with some yard work and lawn mower detective work. The timing of the lawn mower giving me a hassle is rather interesting!

This blog entry is not flowing like I would like it to, but neither is my brain.

Love you people!!!

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