Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When I left yesterday, Harv was heavily medicated with narcotics and leftover anesthesia. Wasn't really pleasant for me 'cause he was hallucinating a little and it reminded me of when Papa had Alzheimer's. I wasn't totally comfortable leaving, but I needed/wanted to see the girls.I had them put the bed alarm on 'cause I was afraid he'd try to get out of bed and he certainly wasn't steady.Came this morning to find that he seemed a little more "with it" but still not exactly himself. He's sleeping now (pain meds help with that). He's a little swollen in the stomach area, but the doc thinks that's just air left from the procedure that he hasn't been able to pass. He's not eating real food yet and they don't want him to for a while so that his intestines can heal a little.We're not expecting any results from the biopsy until at least late today...and so, it looks like we'll be here another night at least. Please continue to pray for answers, his comfort, and overall TOTAL healing. And, please continue to pray for all three girls. Peace, joy, hope. Thank you, friends!!!!P.S. I am not at my regular computer and I'm finding it difficult to format this post.... I find that annoying, but can't do anything about it... Please try to figure out where the paragraphs are supposed to be. :-)

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Betsy True said...

Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Praying for healing, peace, strength and hope. Go Fight Win!