Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our appointment this morning wasn't until 10:30, but we left the house a little early to get a delicious cup of coffee from Caffe Adagio first.

And, we STILL ended up getting to Seattle about an hour early. So, we killed some time in the Fred Hutchison cafeteria before the blood draw.

Dr. Lin was busy today and our appointment with him was short and too the point. But, basically, he said what he always says: that Harv's counts are good and he seems to be responding well to treatment. I love that analysis -- even if it is repititious. ☺

Then some good friends drove up from Portland to meet us for lunch. It was a lovely, but quick visit before we headed back upstairs for chemo.

A little bit sadly, we got a room today without a bed and comfy chair. This time Harv's in a recliner and I'm in a regular chair. (If that's the worst of his treatment, I think we're doing pretty well, though!)

But guess what we found out?! Even with an extra week off, his CEA count is REALLY, TRULY almost normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Remember that normal is 0-5.)


Betsy True said...

Fantastic news, Carrie!!!!

Trisha said...

What great news!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo happy to read your updates and love that it is at a 6!! xoxo

Emily said...

Yes! GFW Harvey!!!
Love y'all!
And a happy birthday week, Trish!

Lisa Morse said...

So happy to hear that the prayers for healing are being answered! We will continue, but thank you for sharing this encouraging news. Blessings to you both on your anniversary!

Gramma Sally said...

Prayers for Harvey are nearly every morning. Our Lord is good and faithful. Cheers to all! Sally H