Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful for our doctor

Aren't those BEAUTIFUL graphs?!

We arrived at 8:15 this morning so Harv could prep for the CT scan which was scheduled for 9:30. All went well and then we just needed to wait until Dr. Lin had a chance to review the scan. Our appointment with him was scheduled for 2:30. 

So, we moseyed on over to University Village to do mostly window-shopping and grab a bite to eat. We still had time to sit around in the waiting room when we got back.

Fortunately, Dr. Lin was able to see us a little bit early.

Now, I apologize ahead of time for lack of colorful words and detailed explanation, but what I was mostly lookin' for at this appointment was a general announcement of good news. 

And, we got it.

Here's a sampling of the notes I took while at the appointment:
  • CEA count today was 44!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "Remarkable response" to the treatment
  • can potentially get rid of the tumors
  • "almost gone" in the colon
  • a few more rounds of chemo (We have 4 more infusions scheduled.)
  • another scan in 9 weeks
  • will evaluate after that and determine next steps in treatment -- possibly including surgery, maybe including radiation and that will be followed by a maintenance treatment
  • Harv has gained some weight back since the start of treatment.
  • Dr. Lin was interviewed by and will be on Lifetime discussing this treatment plan.
I almost cried because it was such a wonderful appointment... And, I ended our appointment by giving Dr. Lin a hug.

Thankful once again. ♥


shelley said...


djhere said...

This is truly astonishing news. Takes my breath away. Big love to all

Zuneamama said...

That GoFightWin theory works! You go guy and other people involved!!☺ ☺ ☺

Trisha said...

This is SOOOO good to hear! I think of you guys all the time and will keep praying!! xoxo

Betsy True said...


Thanks for sharing!!!

Jennifer said...

Words cannot express how ecstatic I am for you guys! What incredible news. :-)

cat said...

Praise the LORD for answered prayers! What glorious news ~ so excited for the Chute family. Will we know when Dr. Lin is on Lifetime so we can watch?

Tobi said...

I have chills (and a tear in my eye.) This is wonderful news. GFW!!!

Jennifer T said...

AMAZING!!! So happy!

Laurel said...

Bawling Carrie!! God is soooooo good!!!!

Laurel said...
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