Friday, March 30, 2012

Haven't had much to report lately -- which I suppose is a very good thing.

Harv's had a couple of days this round that were less than pleasant, but his reaction to the chemo and his overall health has remained about the same.

Before I forget, we found out when Dr. Lin will be on Lifetime. The show is called The Balancing Act. He's in a series about cancer. The series started recently, but his segment won't be until June. Here's the schedule for the series (Dr. Lin's episode is in bold print):

Segment 1 – ‘Why is it Taking So Long?’  airs on March 20 and April 13
Segment 2 – ‘Arm Yourself Against Cancer’ airs on May 7 and May 25
Segment 3 –‘Modern Day Heroes’  airs on June 11 and June 21
Segment 4 – ‘You Can Help Heal Cancer’ airs on July 16 and July 30
Segment 5 – ‘Make your Cancer Story a Cancer Movement’ airs on August 6 and August 27
Segment 6 – ‘This is Why’ airs on September 10 and September 24

When Harv was diagnosed, we weren't sure whether we'd be able to do our spring break trip to the Grand Canyon. But, Dr. Lin gave us the go-ahead and that's what we're gonna do! And, as an added bonus, Harv gets TWO weeks without any chemo!

We head to Las Vegas on Sunday and then over to the Grand Canyon on Monday for a few nights. We're  planning to do a bike tour one day which I'm really looking forward to. We'll get to go to places where cars aren't permitted and I'm expecting some wonderful views. Looks like the weather is gonna be cooperative, too -- lots of sunshine with a few clouds here and there. And,  nice temp. Perhaps the sunshine and the views will aid the healing process.

As for me, this go-round has been emotionally tough. And, I'm not really sure why.  I think I'm learning that sometimes it's just a hard day because this is a journey that I don't want (actually, none of us wants) to take. There have been many blessings in this journey, but it's been a struggle for me to love it.

On one of the rougher days, when I couldn't get out of my funk, I started craving my mother's hot fudge sauce on some delicious Breyer's Natural Vanilla ice cream. I made a batch. It healed me.

Since then, my days have been better. And, even though I don't think it was purely the hot fudge that healed me, I'm thankful that those hard days are over...for now. I expect I will have other days where things just stink. 

So thankful for friends and family who help smooth out this bumpy ride. Many people have made this part of "the-journey-we-hate" much better. 

Thank you for the love. ♥