Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank yous...

A while back, Harvey and I started making a list of all the people who have done something for us since his diagnosis. The list is long and I'm very afraid I've left someone off (and some of you have chosen to be ANONYMOUS. >:-| )

My intention is to write each of you a REAL "thank you" note, but I haven't begun.

So, in the event I don't get around to it in a reasonable time, I wanted to do a public thank you to you all.

Thank you for:
  • the cards and letters
  • pruning our apple trees
  • First Nations jingle dance
  • Music video ;-)  -- (DVD message and guitar recital) -very sweet
  • the meals (frozen ones in my freezer and fresh ones twice a week)
  • special "road trip" food for our trip to Seattle
  • the coffee cake 
  • the guitar-playin' evening
  • the calls
  • the books and e-books
  • the music
  • the fruit 
  • the Harry and David gift box
  • the flowers
  • the house cleaning
  • the hugs
  • the gift cards (from $ sent for us)
  • the donations to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance -- for Dr. Lin's research
  • the cookies
  • wine (somebody knows me!)
  • brownies
  • spa gift (somebody ELSE knows me!)
  • movie tickets
  • the shirts & sweatshirts
  • the prayer quilt
  • taking out our garbage
  • the cupcakes that just showed up one night
  • the running with my girls
  • the ski trip with my girls
  • the welcome you've given Celeste 
  • walking my dog-child
  • FLYING and  DRIVING long distances to visit us
  • the comments on the blog
  • the comments on my FB page
  • the prayers
  • the love and concern
 We love you all and we are humbled by your generosity and concern.

 And we are ALL gonna kick this cancer right out of Harvey's body!


(P.S. Keep checkin' back 'cause I keep rememberin' other thank yous!)


Unknown said...

Good Morning, Harvey and Celeste!
I wanted to share the good news that we are getting a little rain here on the Monterey Bay coast in California. My heart celebrates this gift! Thank you God for these small mercies!
I hold you both in my heart this day!
Love, Christine Kelsey

Emily said...

Your gratitude is so inspiring, Carrie! Wish I could hug you all right now,

Trisha said...

You all deserve every bit of it! Thinking of you all!!