Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank you... ♥

Today, Harvey's boss, came for a visit.

We were happy to have her come and thought it was HUGE that she would make the trip to see us.  That, in itself was a wonderful gift. But, wait! She brought FLOWERS, too!!!

And THEN! after we had all been visiting for a few minutes, she pulled out a large brown envelope that was full of cards and well-wishes...which also included cards and gifts for our girls...from people who work with and love Harvey. 

Looks like they thought of just about everything we might possibly need.  There are gift cards and donations to help us in many ways. And, there are puzzle books to help make our drive and waiting room time more fun.

The gifts are overwhelming. The love is overwhelming.

And, people just keep DOING things! 

It's difficult to describe how grateful we are and how loved we feel. We've never been on this side of things so it's also a struggle to learn how to accept graciously. "Thank you" --- to ALL of you who have wished us well or called us or sent a card or visited us or prayed for us or made us dinner or sent flowers or any of the countless things you have done --- seems very inadequate, but it's the only thing we know to say.

We love you all. And, we feel the love you are sending our way.


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Dearest Harvey and Carrie,
The word is out about your photo, Harvey! We are circulating it amoungst ourselves here at Northrop Grumman. Carrie, thank you so much for these photos! They mean the world to us. Both Harvey and Amy wearing red, it has to remind us that this photo is our Valentine's Day gift! We love you, Harvey!
Christine Kelsey