Friday, January 27, 2012

We had a date!

This coming Tuesday is chemo round #2. Harv will also have the regular blood work done.  The doctor said not to be surprised if his numbers go up so we won't be, but I, personally, am hoping for an amazing drop in his CEA count. (Click here for a reminder of what that is)

For the meantime, Harv's been feeling pretty good. Mostly, exhausted, but his side-effects are less awful than we had expected. We don't know if that will change over time or not. We are hoping, though, that he's one of those lucky ones whose body responds well to the chemo, but that the side effects continue to be minimal.

Yesterday we went to a family counseling session for the first time. We didn't really have an agenda. Mostly, we went 'cause people said "You should get counseling," but it was a good session and I think healthy for all of us. Truthfully, we feel pretty good about our in-house communication and there weren't  many surprises on that first visit. We plan to continue periodically just to check-in and make sure that we're all doing fine.

Remember way back in December when I told you that Harv and I gave each other "dates" for the year? Well, last night was our first date of the year. We went to a concert at Western Washington University's Sanford Hill Piano series featuring the Anderson and Roe piano duo. I've included some of their videos that I found on You Tube. Very impressive, to say the least. The first video is more recent.

The second seems to be a few years ago, but it's great! They call this a Tango for the piano. You'll understand when you watch it.

Thankful that we were able to go because the music was so great AND because Harv felt well enough to go.

Looking forward to all of our upcoming dates.

Thank you for your continued support. I keep saying the same thing, but I'm NOT KIDDING!!! You people are AMAZING and we love you.

(Seriously, take a few minutes and watch these videos. If you don't have time for both, at least watch the 2nd one. Check out the hands, man! Astounding!)

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Unknown said...

Good Morning Carrie and Harvey!
When I was watching the piano videos, I was thinking to myself how I have gotten away from going to cultural events. The last one I remember attending was a violin competition in Indianapolis when I was commuting to that wonderful city every week from California. You have inspired me to get out and away from the computer and from the ranch and see what else is going on in the world!
GoFightWin! Christine Kelsey