Monday, January 9, 2012

Gettin' ready for the fight

Quick update:

Insurance coverage for recommended chemo cocktail was finally approved this morning.

Celeste and Mario arrived at about 4:00 this afternoon. Woo hoo! 

We had a delicious dinner provided by a dear friend...followed by a round or two of Scrabble and some tv watching.

Tomorrow Harv and I leave here about 6:30 a.m. for a 9:00 appointment for his blood draw. This will be followed by an EKG for next week's port placement. We'll meet with the doctor and then we'll have a "Chemo Teach." The day will end with 3 hours of receiving the chemo. He will have this first round of chemo as an IV and the rest of them will be given through the port. The hospital day will end for us right about heavy traffic time. And, then we'll drive home after that.

Prayer requests:
• a good night's sleep for Harv and me
• safe travel to and from Seattle
• that I would absorb the information that I need to absorb
• good interaction with the doctor 
• that Harv's body will receive the chemo well and with minimal side effects
• smooth sailing for the girls (all three of 'em) and Mario tomorrow

And, just in case you misunderstood... I didn't mean that you SHOULDN'T call if you want to; I just meant that there will be times when we might need to let it go to answering machine...and THAT doesn't mean we don't love you. We do.

Thank you for loving us so much and in so many different and meaningful ways. What an amazing blessing you all have been to us.

Signing out so I can be ready to kick some cancer with Harv tomorrow. G'night.


Ken and Sally said...

We will be sending prayers for all of that and more. We are sending positive healing thoughts down the drive (they get there very fast because of the slope). It will be a huge, exhausting day so deep breath and GFW! Tell all 3 girls that we are close by for "this or that".

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both on this hectic day(and every other day).Wish we could do more but please know that our thoughts,prayers,good wishes and love are with you each and every step of this journey.

Kelly Barnes said...

Carrie, I'm sending positive thoughts out to you, Harvey and your girls. Remain positive and keep that sense of humor! I believe laughter absolutely can heal in more ways than one! God bless you all!