Saturday, January 14, 2012

I dedicate this song (Click this sentence to hear the song) to Harv who, strangely enough, has never heard it before. :-)

For those of you who were alive during the '70's, I THINK you will remember this song. For those of you who were not alive then, get ready to hear a really groovy song!

Love you, honey!


Unknown said...

Good Morning, Carrie and Harvey!
I had not heard this song either and I was around then (!). Yes, it took me many years to achieve the life affirming position of being grateful in the moment. To let go of the past and not look to the future,but to realize the shower of blessings that come on me in each moment (the weather, that I have food and shelter, my old jeans, my sweet dog, my family). I remember hearing a Native American opening prayer that went on for 20 minutes, and it was the holy man giving thanks for everything about: the birds that could be heard; the leaves on the trees; the dirt that supported the plants. That "attitude of gratitude" has changed my life. And now I have your song in my head, "I just want to Celebrate"! Big Hugs on this Sunday morning!
Christine Kelsey, Northrop Grumman

Carrie said...

Thank you! For your comments, your prayers and your generosity!
Many blessings,
Carrie and Harv (and fam)