Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hugs of Hope

Today was a pretty good day... Harv woke up with more "energy" than I saw in him yesterday, though naps are now a routine. He and Celeste took a short walk. A friend brought a yummy dinner -- which included a fun cake to "Uncle" Harvey.

Dinner was followed by a quick game of Pass the Pigs.

During our game, we received a phone call telling us to check our doorstep for a package for us. "A hug in a box, " we were told.

The sweatshirts we are wearing in the photo below are what was waiting for us at the door.

We were told to consider it a "hug from your church family"-- which we most certainly do! The sweatshirts came from Hope College which was founded on Hebrews 6:19 -- "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."

We like hugs and we like hope.

There are many blessings to be found in the midst of struggle!

We love you!

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Lisa Morse said...

Love it! I'm thinking of you all lots. I was at the FPC women's bible study tonight and Harvey is definitely on everyone's prayer list. Love you all, Chutes!